Web3 Engagement Platform VO2 Launches with UFC Legend Tony Ferguson

VO2 is changing how fans interact with their favorite athletes, starting with Tony Ferguson

Today, VO2, the Web3 athlete-engagement platform that rewards fans for engaging with their favorite athletes, announced their platform launch with legendary UFC fighter Tony Ferguson. Founded by four students who took a leave of absence from the University of Pennsylvania, VO2 is helping athletes connect with their most dedicated fans. After 4 months of building and running test-versions of their product with four women’s basketball players, VO2 is launching the first token on their webapp with Tony. VO2 chose Tony because of his large and dedicated global fan base.

Fans who purchase Ferguson’s token will join his exclusive community accessible through the VO2 webapp, give him input on decisions (i.e. what to wear, what to train, who to call out), and see exclusive content that Ferguson posts. Fans are able to compete with each other to be Tony’s top fan, climbing the leaderboard by engaging with Tony’s posts. Fans will earn rewards for this engagement, giving them a stake in Ferguson’s career. For Tony, VO2 represents a new way for him to connect with his fans and reward them with merchandise and experiences. Tony will be launching 1,000 tokens, meaning his community will only have a thousand spots to start with.

From Tony, “Crew, check it out: I’m more than stoked to be on deck with VO2! I’ll be offering my biggest fans & supporters of my CSOcial group all over the world an up close & personal opportunity to interact & connect with me like never before. If you don’t know, it's no secret that Web3 is the next big thing, providing the most creative, interactive platform for communication & content, especially from yours truly! VO2 is redefining fan engagement with athletes & I am leading the pack with the same attitude I bring inside & outside the cage!!! I’m excited to grow this ecosystem along with all my Crew. This is just the beginning of this extremely rewarding relationship. -Champ -CSO-.”

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