Be More Than a Fan

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For Fans
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Vote on skill and input posts

Get the unique ability to vote on what an athlete should wear and skills to prioritize and earn fan points while doing so

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Set Milestones for Athlete Careers

Prove you're the number one fan by racking up fan points and engaging with an athlete's community

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Get Exclusive Access to Athlete Content

Get access to marketplaces with merch and NFTs directly from athletes that only token holders have access to

For Athletes
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Build your Community

Grow your fan community and let your token holders get closer to the game by making posts

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Monetize your NIL Like Never Before

Your token is yours. Earn royalties from your token and decide when to drop new batches of tokens to grow your community and bank account

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Accelerate your Career

Forget about photoshoots or brand advertisements. Leverage your NIL directly by focusing on your game and career.

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