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VO₂ is a platform for fans to become stakeholders in their favorite athletes. Each community is limited to 10,000 tickets. Engage your way to the top.

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How it Works

Buy Athlete Tokens
Every athlete issues a limited amount of tokens into their exclusive community. Owning one gives you the right to engage and earn.
Engage With Athletes
As a tokenholder, you can engage by making decisions for athletes: how they train, what they wear, and how they celebrate.
Earn Rewards
The more you engage, the more you earn. When your favorite athlete wins, receive rewards like tickets and merch based on your engagement level.

Why VO₂?



VO₂ is pioneering the engage-to-earn model. Engage with your favorite athletes and get rewarded.

Athletes First

Athletes First

No other platform puts the athlete first. Through direct engagement with fans, athletes can maximize the fan experience.

Rewards For Real Fans

Rewards For Real Fans

If you’re a day one fan, you should get rewarded for it! VO₂ rewards true fans for their support and engagement.

A True #1

A True #1

Think you’re the #1 fan? VO₂ is the only community that shows where you rank next to other fans based on engagement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

VO₂ is elevating the fan experience. Here are some common questions on what that means:

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